Culture of Happiness

I’m wearing culture.
wouldn’t have these jeans on
if they weren’t accepted by our teen culture.
Culture is bigger to us than our parents.
Culture, is our second conscience.
The same conscience that told Lance
Armstrong that doping is okay
Culture, dictates what we buy and how much we pay.
Our Culture worships the guys who have sex every weekend
Our culture considers rolling a blunt
a very useful skill for a girlfriend.
It encourages those girls who wear so much make up
their face and neck aren’t the same color.
Our culture is all about sexy vampires
and Jersey Shore.
Our culture revolves around Channing freakin’ Tattum!
And I think it’s pretty stupid.

So I think it’s time, to do things
right with culture!
I think it’s time to rise from infamy.
It’s time to be cool.
Not jordans and tattoos kinda cool,
I’m talking my-hair-looks-like-crap-and-I-honestly-don’t-care-kinda cool

I think it’s time for a new culture!
One that couldn’t care less about your jeans.
A culture that doesn't have time for matching outfits.
A culture that’s too cool for drugs.
A culture that appreciates the average high school teen who gets none!
A culture that parties hard with hot wings and even hotter, intense, sweaty...
hands destroying it at Black Ops II.
We need a culture that thinks reading is suggestive and sexy.

‘Cause I’m so sick and tired of seeing these girls starve themselves
day after painful day trying to look good
for a guy who spends $50 on a shirt and wears
piercings because he lives in a world
where nice guys can’t win and his heart alone
just isn’t good enough to get the girl.
I think it’s time to build a culture
that appreciates who we are
not what 1% of us could be.
And when we do that,
we will call it the
“Culture of Happiness.”

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