September 10, 2013
Me and the new moon were born on the corner where a drunk dad’s ways intersect with a mother’s deep clinical depression.
A place so dark God’s hand won’t reach into
because he just knows something will bite.
I slept with a handed-down teddy bear so worn out there was no more happiness to rub off on my cheek when I held it tight during a nightmare.
So don’t love me,
I’m on the run.

I will leave a crack so deep seeded in your heart,
your knees will feel weak; and you will fall and you will scream
because you knew it would happen,
and the worst part is you were smiling too hard to
not realize you wouldn’t be the one to change me.
So don’t chase me,
I’m on the run.

Don’t fairy tale your day dreams
‘cause some day, much too late,
you’ll find out I never paid attention to the glass slipper and eye liner you left by my messy bed,
and at some point, after your step sister paid a very special visit
I decided it would make a nice ashtray.

Don’t tell me you need me
But most importantly, don’t call me your Forrest Gump and tell me night time stories of how we’ll always come back to each other ‘cause I might just call you my Jenny.
And let me tell you, 3 decades of unrequited love stored in a heart that needs more patches than the Titanic like a paper airplane that folded itself too many times trying to reinvent itself won’t fly like it should.
I won’t know what to say so I’ll shove a brick into my mouth ‘cause I fear my own tongue.
But even then if you get my heart playing music again it will use my veins as wires and my hands as speakers and I’ll probably hold you there for eternity ‘till they have to scrape us off this floor
And that’s pretty gross, so don’t love me,
I’m on the run.

I’m running away because maybe I’m too much of a coward to stay and watch a mother whose bruised eye reveals too much regret.
So don’t say “I love you”
because those words look like a finish line,
and I wanna run away forever,
so I might just respond with, “Let’s go, I’m on the run.”

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