I grew up believing in love MAG

September 12, 2013
By HayleyRaine BRONZE, Hemet, California
HayleyRaine BRONZE, Hemet, California
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I grew up believing in love
but love itself didn't anticipate
the effect you'd have on the world
you swung into my life
like accidentally catching a foul ball
it was a fast and blurry ride from the bottom
and when we got to the tip, the precarious edge of our lives
one didn't fall, we both did
we hit the ground with such an impact
we made human-shaped holes in the earth
inadvertently creating our graves
we walked away from the caution tape and ambulances
no injuries except our insides were
bleeding profusely
until our own deaths, we covered up the blood in our lungs
and the black stains on our hearts
with cheap duct tape jobs and smiles
until the end, we pretended to love each other
on that last night, we laid under the stars
we laid in the predestined graves we'd carved when we fell
and stared and stared until
each star came toppling down on us
crushing us instantly

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