The Fall from Grace

September 8, 2013
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I am crashing
And into the chasm of inevitability
I am hurting
And it’s just me and my wounds
I am bleeding

And the hot red remains unheeded
I am freezing
And it stings, foreboding fester
I am crying
And the tears freeze on my cheeks
I am thinking
And nonsensicality, and half emptiness
I am singing
And “In the End” is all that comes to me
I am helpless
And defenseless, more vulnerable
I am desperate
And wondering how things could end up so

Then I am rising
And getting out of the black
Been given a shred of hope
To which I cling to for dear life
I am staring
At ten thousand celestial entities
That I used to wish upon

Then I am listening
To what you say, I try so hard to believe
That all can be well again
And that

I am amazing
And you admit kind of awesome too
I am kind
And you say no such spirit lived
I am smart
And somewhat a bad-a**, take’em all on
I am stubborn
And so you say, no matter how many times I fall
I’ll just climb back
Get back on track
I should know I’m not alone

And that dream means so much more now
Than it ever did before because

I’m not bending my head
I’m holding it high
And like Keller said,
Looking it straight in the eye
And I

I am fighting.

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