September 7, 2013
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I should take a moment and let you see

Just how much you mean to me

Oh that lovely smile you bring to my face

Whilst you hold me in that warm embrace

I feel very beautiful by the kiss of your lips

I feel secure as you hold my hips

I love everything about you, especially your eyes

I look into them and it will all be alright

I adore how you're always there

Also the way you stroke my hair

You always know a way to show me that you care

What else is there to say? I'm amazed by you.

It seems you're in my heart, just like a tattoo

There's this way we always goof around

It seems to keep me from breaking down

We have learned to accept each other's past

So, I know for a fact that this will last

You gently brush my hand

You take me away to this far away land--

I'm glad we decided to take this risk

I never thought I'd be oh so brisk

You have kisses sweeter than a candy cane

These kisses make me feel no pain

I don't think I have a reason to complain

We are building a dear and special bond

This can't be created with a magic wand

I'm sorry that this poem is very sappy

What else is there to say?

You make me happy

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