September 7, 2013
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We are just going into a tunnel full of somethimes.
Sometimes you have to listen.
Sometimes you dont have to.
Sometimes you have to behave.
Sometimes you you have to be bad.
Sometimes you tell the truth.
Sometimes you lie.
Sometimes you get mad.
Sometimes your happy.
Sometime your smart.
Sometimes your dumb.
Sometimes your pretty.
Sometimes your ugly.
Sometimes your nice.
Sometimes your rude.
Sometimes I love you.
Sometimes I hate you.
Sometimes you pass.
Sometimes you fail.
Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes you cry.
Sometimes we get in a fight.
Sometimes we dont wanna talk.
Sometimes I wanna be alone.
Sometimes I wanna be with you.
Sometimes we do illegal things but were are teenagers we are going to mess up it's part of life but hun one thing i can tell you is your nowhere near perfect neither am i.
Sometimes I ignore you and you ignore me what do we do here? we get in a fight. Sometimes I question why we were together so long. So answer me this... How many of thos sometimes do you wanna change? We are just going into a tunnel full of somethimes.

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