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Nature's Majesty

September 9, 2013
By Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
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"My voice is my weakness, my pen is my savior." -By Domonique Frechette

The greens, the whites, the grays and browns,
All clashed, morphed, mixed and stirred.
Alive they are, yet when you look closer, they make a frozen painting.
Like a liquid puzzle,
Each texture, shape and color fits perfect.

The sounds, the shades, the movements and lights,
Together make the stage.
A silent director commands this scene.
Like an outdoor play,
Every line, light, and prop is put in its place.

The foliage the mist, the rocks and roots,
All move, bend swerve and grow.
Nature this is, and when you do look, it shows like visual harmony.
Like beauty defined,
You understand, not words, but each color that you see.

The creatures, the shadows, the glimmer of sun,
Mold into quite a scene.
Each one knows their part,
To make this picture come alive.

This forest is majestic,
But look a little closer,
You’ll find much more than what you see,
And understand each detail,
Like you’re inside of a painting.

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