Spectral Blue Cage

September 6, 2013
By The-Noir-Poet GOLD, Sandy, Utah
The-Noir-Poet GOLD, Sandy, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"It is part of wisdom never to revisit to a wilderness... To return not only spoils a trip, but also tarnishes a memory." Aldo Leopold

The icy planes before my eyes do shine
Filling the gaps of what I think most dear
And lost to me in the icy shores of time
The ocean vast and filled with what I fear

Memories escape the prison of my mind
I feel them fly our through my eyes wide open
I see them freeze and be still like a frozen mime
I hear them fall to the ground and not escape unbroken

I move through the landscape like a ghost
Denied my right to the eternal light
The hale of time lands heavily on the coast
I kneel on the ground in pious plight

I feel time slip past me
Unnoticed forever through eternity

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