We Can

September 6, 2013
"We may fall today, but we can always stand up again. We can be hurt, but It'll always heal. We can be bruised or cut, but never broken. Even if our bodies are broken, our spirit will always stay strong. Many heartbreaks will come our way and many devastations, but we will always rise to see another day. We can be enslaved and treated wrong, but our souls will be always free. We may think we are useless, but we were meant for a purpose. Our lives are important, even if we don't think they are. The sun will set one day, but there will always be a sunrise. We can always push through. We can always make a difference. We can do anything we want when we set our minds to it. We can brighten people's days. We can help. We can change the world, the Earth, the Universe."

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