Don't Forget to Swim

September 2, 2013
Blonde pig tails, frilly skirt,
Green eyes, food stained shirt,
Light bright sneakers, chubby cheeks,
Tiny hands and flat little feet,
This huge world intimidates her,
Darts behind her mommy's skirt,
She's all full of so much worry,
Always in a bustled hurry,
Wont even dip her big toe in,
She's so afraid she'll forget to swim,
Crying when she should be laughing,
Hiding behind her strong daddy,

Lanky legs and training bra's,
Little shorts and tank tops,
Pink highlights and eyeliner,
First boyfriends and rumor starters,
Pushing limits, taking risks,
Thinking rules are for wimps,
Why were friends turning so mean,
How has she gained these enemies,
Is there something wrong with her,
Maybe these socks don't match my shirt,
Trying to hard to forget her sorrows,
When she should be looking out for tomorrow,

Curvy figure, flippy hair,
Practiced walk, flirty stare,
Little insecurities,
Many doubts,
Out there dreams,
So ready to be in the world,
No longer needing momma's skirt,
She's a rebel in her heart,
A fire lighting spark,
Found out that she could swim,
Hold her breath and count to ten,
She is strong on her own,
and now it's time to let her go.

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