The Definition of Fear

September 3, 2013
By GeekyVIP BRONZE, East Orange, New Jersey
GeekyVIP BRONZE, East Orange, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
The problem with perfectionists is that they expect everyone around them to be perfect.

Fearlessness-doing stupid things under the guise of bravery.

The biggest mistake is trying to predict the future by looking back at the past.

Fear is like oxygen. It is everywhere. Without it, we'd be nothing.
It's like a plague, and none of us are truly healthy.
People disown it to make themselves better than everybody else
But aren't those people afraid of being inferior?
The two-faced thing called fear is what makes the world go round

Fear is why we try to be safe from dangers we haven't encountered yet
Why we hide from things in the light but are too afraid to look to the dark for refuge
Fear makes us bully others to make them feel what we feel
Making them fear you, when you're more afraid than they are

Fear is why Big Brother lies
He's watching to make sure you don't expose his fear of being discovered for his interior honesty
Fear is what makes children tell half and double stories
So mommy and daddy won't know what really happened

Fear is why we follow the crowd
We aren't ready to make our on decisions
And we can't be alone for too long because we'll get lonely

Fear is why we try to act so tough and courageous when we dared
Or what makes us disrespect our mothers
And what makes us walk instead of crawl when our legs hurt

It's why we bathe in warm water
Not too hot or too cold
Too afraid of being burned or frozen

Fear makes us cringe in an empty room
It makes s jump when the floorboards creak
It's why we sleep with a night light on

It's debilitating, it's handicapping, it's horrible
But it makes the world go round
Without fear, everybody would be jumping off a cliff
Or touching the hot iron
Crying freely, not caring who sees

Fear is what keeps you from trying new things
Maybe it's painful or disgusting
But you don't want to hide in the past
It was too good to be true
Or too hurtful to want to remember

Fear is what keeps you from speaking out
They won't like what you say so you keep silent
Let the world keep it's conformity
You don't want to be too different

Fear is what keeps you from falling in love
Because you don't want to be betrayed
You don't want that special someone to know your feelings in case they don't feel the same
You don't want them to love someone else
You don't want the guys to think you're turning soft
Love is for girls, passion is for bodies who met twenty minutes ago
Love turns into possession so you follow me like a lion does meat

Don't lie and say you don't fear
You're too afraid to say that you do
Swallow your pride because there's nothing you can do about it
Fear is what makes the world go round

What would you give to not be afraid?

The author's comments:
Everybody is afraid of something, risk-takers included.

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