Icicle Touch

August 31, 2013
his hair, as black as the moonless sky
his eyes, a pool of darkness
his touch a wave of thrilling icicles
his smile gleaming in the night
a full set of abs hard as rock
every muscle toned to perfection
a glint in his eye full of mischief
a kiss that can steal any woman's heart away,


his mind full of hallways and dead ends
never letting you in
his heart guarded by anger and betrayal
leaving sadness at every turn
an everlasting darkness, a soft pumping in the corner,
echos coming and going, warning to get out
determination and love is all i need
to set this man free
warning me to get out while i still have a chance,
while i still have hope.


a tiny spark appears as i see every detail
telling me to leave, but hoping that I'll stay...

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