Forever young

August 30, 2013
Late at night only in the summer with the radio on and the house quiet do I fall into a deep sleep. I either experience clairvoyance or a beautiful nightmare. Sweet love I dreamed of a ball. At the top of the staircase stood a gentleman far to beautiful for my imagination. I always have little control and say in my dreams so I just walked up the grand stairs. He turned to show a breath taking smile that went with his lovely blue eyes and soft blonde hair. People I had never seen before stopped whatever they were doing to watch intensely. Where exactly am I, I stuttered. Your home he said breathlessly. God I wondered how long you would be Alizabeth everyone has been waiting for you and I the most. This name he spoke of did not make sense at all. Who is Alizabeth I asked. He looked confused. You've been asleep for a very long time your memory must have faded. You are Alizabeth Marie Freewell and I am Michael Goldsworthy your fiancée. It took a moment for me to take this all in. Realizing by the look of his expression he was serious. I thought I was actually dreaming. I pinched myself and it hurt. This was not a good sighn I thought to myself. Some guy I've never seen before is calling me Alizabeth and his fiancée. The best thing I could do was just go along with it. Yes I remember now I said lying. He regained his beautiful smile again. May I tell you that your absolutely elegant tonight. Thank you. The crowed smiled pleased at what they saw. Could you remind me love where are we again? This is the place where we are all forever young and beautiful. Its where I found you all these years ago. Torn by confusion and mistaken love I could of fainted. He pulled me close and we began waltzing to a very familiar tune. Have I been here before I wondered?- To Be Continued

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