August 17, 2013
She started off independent and strong
In her mind nothing could go wrong
She had fun with friends in school
Everything was fun, and happy, and cool
The school year started very fun
She and her friends didn't have problems with anyone
Then one day things did not go right
One of her best friends had gotten into a fight
From there everything went bad
After that her best friend was always sad
She would cry
And she was depressed
She would stay in bed
And not wanna get dressed
More fights would come and go
Filled with dumb girls and stupid hoes
Finally she was able to pull it together
When she thought in reality it would take for ever
Then after a while she lost the one she called her love
The one that had seem sent from above
He was her very first
So the pain was just the worst
The fights soon came to an end
And the girl just dealt with mending her best friend
Then one day the stupid hoes came back
For they were finished with the other girl and came for the second attack
The attacked the girl who started off happy in the year
Yet she ended that day crying slow hot tears
She wondered and wondered why they came to her to attack
She wondered and wondered after they left why did they come back
She quickly transformed her quickly deepening sad
And turned into something powerful and bad
She took her sadness and pain and turned into rage and anger
And still write now while writing this poem she thinks of that girl and hates her
She hates her for taking her friends happiness and making them feel small
Her mind seems to stay confused
Shes not sure what she should do
She has so many emotions to feel
She's not sure which are fake;
She's not sure which are real
She wants to help a friend
But he continues to shut her out
She can tell that he's lost, and he needs her with no doubt
She never realized what would happen this year
She never realized how many people she would see in tears
She doesn’t know what to feel shes just lost right now
Her strength ended the show, and left after taking a bow
She just can't anymore
That girl she just hates her
She fills her with rage, sorrow, and anger
She might fall for one
But knows he won't fall for her
She's filled with rage, sorrow, and anger
She wants to be happy but she knows she just can't
She wants to say something she feels she could rant
She's lost, and lost in feelings and emotion
She's lost and lost in this thought-filled ocean

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Angel_B said...
Sept. 15, 2013 at 12:40 am
This poem is really good and i love the story that it tells but the rhyme scheme throws it off alot. Some parts of it follows a rhyme pattern then falls off and picks back up but overall i enjoyed it. it has a lot of emotion
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