Spiraling Down

August 27, 2013
Up and down every second it seems
Loving life and then hating it all
Say I'll do better, just wait and see
Steps from the top when I fall
Thinking, I'll never reach what I need
Feel like I'm failing again
Forgetting my one true salvation
Reaching out with blind eyes
All hope lost, then I start to fly
You give me wings when I'm spiraling down
A reason to breathe in this dead end town
Even when I don't deserve it
Oh God,
Why continue to save an angry heart
Theres a world out there and it's falling apart
How do you see me, one in a billion
I've had second chances, up to a million
Now I'm back and your feet
Undeserving but please forgive me
I just want to live for something more
And You're the only thing worth fighting for

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