Rain Falls Down

August 21, 2013
Rain: water in its smallest entirety
Letting go and dropping from the sky
Landing with a gentle “plunk” on shingles and sidewalk
Splattering, shattering, “splunk” onto scattered sidewalk squares
You walk outside and cold hits you like a realization
You put up the red umbrella before leaving the safety of your porch
Staying safe from the rain under a plastic dome
Notice the dry earth, begging for nourishment
The rain gently soaking in to the earth, now moist

As you close the umbrella, the raindrops fall onto you
It’s scary at first, so sudden do the drops hit your face
After a while, soaked to the bone, you feel happy
You run through wet grass, jumping into mud puddles
Letting the mud squish and squash up between your toes
Piece by piece the rain pitter patters away, pondering on which heart to liven next
The rainbow comes out and everything is beautiful.

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