If I Had Never Met You

August 16, 2013
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Most of the time
I wish I had never met you,
So that it'd never feel like hell
When I am missing you.

Lately I have been
Smoking too much,
So much that my lungs hurt
Until they scream your name.

If I had never met you,
I'd never have to miss the way
You get annoyed and tell me to
Throw the cigarette away.

Hot tea becomes my morning drug,
My warmth when it gets colder,
And my booze to fill up the hole in
My chest when I start thinking of you.

I can't get enough of that
Cologne you always wear.
I wish I had never met you because
Even my sweat now smells like you.

Sometimes I would wake up
In the middle of the night,
Thinking how nice it would be
If you were right next to me.

But if I had never met you,
I'd never learn to feel love and pain,
Never feel the warmth in coldness,
And would never be eased by a scent.

If I had never met you,
I'd wake up at night and tell myself that
It is okay to sleep alone when in fact,
It is not.

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