The Doctor

August 16, 2013
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I'm afraid
they won't see all the layers
I've worked so hard to cover up.
The underside of my skin
is covered in goosebumps
too afraid to show themselves

Stethoscopes tell them about heartbeats.
Mines a vacant sign trying to fill the rooms
with the first
I love you
It's strong;
it has to be.
But will they know that I put the thick layer
surrounding my valves,
checking everything that enters?

Will they understand that
my kidneys are over loaded by the mud digested?
Accidental flooding from trying to stay afloat.

My bones are splitting, daggers
breaking apart the frame
that holds me up

shoulder blades were never meant
to be tossed around,
collecting scuff marks
from the ground they skidded on
my scoliosis is from bats
asthma from punches
Strep from screaming

my vertebras.
they no longer know how to hold me up

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