New Love

August 15, 2013
It’s like the words are crawling up your throat

every instinct in your body
is screaming

shouting at you

to kiss him

hold him

touch him

but you can’t

and before you know it

it feels like you’re falling

apart at the seams
All because of some stupid

irrelevant boy

a boy with a blinding smile

and eyes that make you weak in the knees

and before you know it
you can feel yourself falling for him

your brain is shouting
screaming at you
and yes


you know you’re being an idiot

But he looks at you

he smiles at you

and your brain just

shuts off
And you wake up

in the middle of the night

and he’s in every corner

every last crevice of your brain
you can feel yourself unraveling

and you’ve lost the will

to care

you find yourself

scanning the crowd

always searching for him

even when you know he’s not there

And yes.


You get it.

you’re just another idiot

who fell for him

played the game

and lost

But you can’t be blamed for trying

you can’t be blamed for falling

that rests on his shoulders
you just wish

that you could hate him.

You just wish he cared

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