life's theater

August 19, 2013
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I walk through the world, and see life as a scene
Like I watch everyday on the TV screen
Is it the factor, the plague in our heart as a teen
Maybe because its daily life routine
Or an addiction, like how we need caffeine
We fail to put on safety block like sunscreen
and we forget, our young minds are not yet keen
persuaded by silly things we read in a magazine
we go through our early life unforeseen
mentally blocked by the media like its a screen
A force, so powerful its always in between
And we let it take a hold of our self and intervene
How can we not, from small as a kid to age of a teen
Its like health path, which this is a unhealthy hygiene
So common, like a part of our DNA, another gene
but this intangible characteristic boys and girls is unseen
Hiding and lurking behind the pretty face of a figurine
We can't walk away, or live a life in quarantine
Even tho were like a bunny, running from a wolverine
We can keep running, but eventually fall into the ravine
Even if were careful life surprises are always unseen
Our life struggles, are the bumps that intervene
the pursuit of happiness and life’s moment of serene
but we always fall, it's so quick like fire and gasoline
the sadness and anger builds up, no vaccine
its a part of our human nature were no machine
and we can't plan out life, like on a movie screen
or just watch it, from above the mezzanine
We need a take our first step and intervene
because we are nothing short of being obscene
it starts out the precocious years of being a teen
obsessed with who fits in the right scene
good looking, trim and athletically lean
the cool kids, whatever that may seem
there always in the spotlight, getting the beam
others, looked over like they wasn't seen
because they didn’t fit in the classification theme
they can ask for help or even scream
Or they hide under a mask like at Halloween
out in the dark left to dream
because we don’t want them, in our life's scheme
putting them down to help self esteem
I know were not all on the same team
but why do live a life so passionately mean
Our heart plagued with a stain, too tough to clean
What's under our skin, is too sad to be seen

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