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August 19, 2013
By rosienine SILVER, Garland, Texas
rosienine SILVER, Garland, Texas
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"I agree to, or rather aspire to, my doom" -Pierre Corneille

If you woke up tomorrow and realized that you no longer liked me loved me whatever that was that pinched my nerves until a smooth zap rolled up my spine if that wasn’t there anymore
And we were so alone and you were lost in some other dimension
What would you tell me?

Would you start off apologizing would you cry
Would a tear ride the side of your cheek in such a way that it’d make me fall in love with that side of your face again?

Would you start off with fire, with venom and spit and explain till your throat went dry why you let something so delicate fragile, something that originally belonged to me die, in the hands of fate?

Would you be silent?

Would the words never come would you cut your throat open till they spilled out like mardi gras beads or would they be more like thin chains that tie around each other so easily, would you rip your words apart while trying to separate them?
I already planned a speech to tell you if this ever happens, I’ve already planned the words ahead of time, a will, it goes like this:

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