Dear Friend,

August 11, 2013
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Dear Friend,

Stop listening to them if it hurts

Stop being with them if it doesn't make you feel better

Stop laughing at their jokes

Reading in between their lines

Stop telling yourself that they mean something to you

Dear Friend,

Stop letting them be in your life

Because you only get one

And you shouldn't have to waste it

Making someone else's better

Yet making your own worse

Dear Friend,

Make yourself happy

But not at the cost of you or others

Because at the end of the day

If what they said hurt you

And what they did was mean

And how you feel is awful

And you can't go to sleep

Because their actions keep swirling in your head

And their thoughts make yours go sour

They're not worth it

Dear Friend,

Don't let them be an important part of your life

If you don't want them to be

Because I've seen you when you're happy

And when you are with them

You smile like it's forced

You laugh like you're trying not to cry

And you never lead

You only follow

Dear Friend,

You do not have to come back to me

But please, find some people

That make you happy

Because it pains me to know

that you are sitting there




And you're starting to believe that that is who you are

Dear Friend,

You are your own person

Stop pretending to be someone you're not

For life is too short

Happiness too fleeting

Time is flying and you spend it

Watching others mock you

Watching others live a life that you aren't having

Dear Friend,

We are not perfect

And we never will be

So stop trying to strive for a perfection

That you have created in your mind

A reality that you see others in that casts them above you

A reality in which no one wants you

A reality in which your talents mean nothing

Take off those tinted glasses and see the worlds true light

Because it is bright and beautiful and it has been waiting for you

Dear Friend,

Be Happy

Because you my friend

Deserve it

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