Esperanza Retold

August 16, 2013
And it began with this:
five stale biscuits and a honey tin
six small pieces and a doll's
porcelain face, longer than the sun's soft embrace
and in between, never changed
painted grimace sitting on the kitchen counter
no shadow in place

Laid on the table
the earth's heart sits sculpted out
dried figs in a black shroud
sorry for, sorry for
the scent of our fruit and seeds
White smock and a slate wiped clean
did He find the sponge all sweet
and cast the fire to lick our feet
like remembrance decided;
undecided, undecided

Without you
it doesn't beat again
the drums are grabbing my hold,
with their leather skins
and when I boarded the train,
did I see chickens
without a lady
her dress too thin for winter's end
no jewels no drops no necklace

Came back I sat
under history's end
up ten mountains, valley's tend
to crumple under my hand
so I grasped her hand
and traced my life with the only veins
I could find, they were
forgotten, forsaken not
by God we were carving Avocados
and watching the sun set without the slightest regret

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