Human Behavior

August 7, 2013
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Take a moment think about human behavior
Truly we are nothing short of failure
Of our own human nature, beware of the danger
We killed the son of our living god our own savior

Think of all the blood that's been shed
Because of power has gone to one’s head
We were mislead and we listened to what one person said
Like Hitler how many because of him, are dead

Look at history world wide
The events that go on, for example genocide
We don't realize how many have really died
No choice, no way to decide, they were just on the wrong side

Look up the kind of people we assassinate
MLK, Lincoln, Gandhi, John Lennon, they try to demonstrate
How to get along together, instead of hate
Nah lets just kill the ones, who could help our fate

Us as a society are the cause of suicide
We wont admit it, just sit back and hide
Think about the ones who cried, because they lived with no pride
Epidemic worldwide, while after reading this someones already died

What i'm telling you, is nothing but true
It doesn't take someone with a good IQ
To realize this world, is nothing we wanted to grow into
Here's the issue, teen and adults that actually realize this, only a few

News, history, bible, events, deaths, wars and what i'm seeing
This is what i think and what i'm feeling
Reminds me of how despicable, we are as a human being
Its hardly believing, but we are capable of things we should be fearing

People we are still a jungle of animals, just call ourselves sophisticated
We do things, that should never have been created
Deaths and harm, for things we thought we needed
We may feel splendid, only to realize as a nation we are wounded

We send family, friends, and good people to war
For things we could of just ignore
Our presidents is like czar, just wanting more and more
Whats the price of a human life anymore

I'm telling you this stuff, not to yank your chain
I just want to point out, how we are so inhumane
We are the only species to kill each other for fun or personal gain
Why is it because of our brain, or ways we can’t explain

We go to the zoo, to look at the animals we feel superior too
Too bad we don't have a clue or even knew
We are the ones with the issue
with problems we outgrew and longed for rescue

But give us some credit, all I've talked about is legit
That’s why were odd creatures on this planet,I’ll admit
kinda like a evil hypocrite, hiding underneath a fancy outfit
Think of all I've said, let your mind permit, now before I exit

Growing up, we wanted to be someone
But now who have we become
Will we be another victim who falls into the system
Where life take's it away like a phantom

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