Elusive Visions

August 13, 2013
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A single moment frozen in place
A perfect scene suspended in space
Where everything falls perfectly in line
Not a single detail left behind
The colors blend with such finesse
You never have wishes to regress
Grass and sky a vibrant green and blue
The sun a most brilliant golden hue
Birds above the trees high in flight
Silhouetted by the beautiful light
But here is the trick hidden beneath
The truth of this moment has pointed teeth
All of this beauty that you see
Will be gone once you count to three
For then you will see our mad scheme
This moment has been but a dream

Do not try to hide the tears in your eyes
You are not the first fooled by this disguise
Though you may claim that only lies were shown
You will soon learn that the truth was known
And once that realization strikes you inside
There will be nowhere left for you to hide
And then our mission will be complete
When you come crawling to our feet
For after seeing beauty such as this
The rest of the world just seems amiss

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