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August 8, 2013
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I was an angel at the time, but then darkness began to flow upon me, in my heart I couldn’t take it anymore. I have fallen off of the cliffs at times, and anger began to roar, suddenly a pain began to strengthen my core.
My life flashed before my eyes, as I seen the river flood over the horizon. The death of a heart had begun to come out. My life felt like it was over. I could see the dragon sitting down in a pit of fire with the tongue of a serpent. I saw the people that worshiped this dragon screaming for help, than it began with a weeping and a moaning and gnashing of teeth. They were calling upon their dragon god that claimed he had victory over God. Cursing and using God’s name in vein, they cried out louder and louder.
I seen a woman’s eyes blue and clouded, possessed by the demon in which they praised. My chest begun to feel heavy and I couldn’t breathe. The demon comes forth breathing tongues of fire upon my sensitive skin and cursing God’s name saying” Where is your so called God. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords? Will he not save you or will you burn in the pits of fire with me?” I began to form tears within my eyes, I fall to my knees and began saying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, deliver me from evil, keep me in the safeness of your bosom. Take me oh Lord, form the great evil that try to possess me. Please Lord.” Just as I said that, a chariot of fire followed by a beam of light had appeared. The man in the chariot had pulled me in and we had ridden into the heavens where there was light and happiness.

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