August 7, 2013
Marijuana got my generation acting like goons i mean acting like fools. So should acting on getting high be your resolution when the mirror only gets more foggy? Far from focused so you can capture the picture that really matters. So with every stroke you hit her with blunt but let me be blunt your only on a hunt for temporary while im on a soul search for the permanent marker. Spider man lives call me Parker thats why im saving on the regular with words that punctures with potency that hurts like a bee and swings like a butterfly no ali but the ali is dark are you willing to come to the light? Fight the spirit the happens to be the mirror of demons in fluctuated with toxins making them monsters. I tell her I'm running from the moon because I'm a star chaser and she says i dont have to go no further,she touches my chest. I thought ironman and than she thought heart. I constantly run back to this cage and turn into the hulk over night. Monstrous screams you'd swear... Ssuuuuuggggaaaa honey ice tea but there's no sweetness to it so the glass breaks. So many brothers wearing true religion but how many are true to there religion and walk into there faith into the staircase of heaven? Don't preach Armageddon if you not ready for history to go dj...and repeat...but dont be defeated by the foolishness because your mind is your greatest weapon not the bullet.
Just because your bad does it make you a b**** or did your mind hitch to the wrong side of the mountain to know that your high has yet to come so you know you can do bad all by yourself?!
maybe god blessed me with the talent and the devil stabbed me with a addiction but for my name faith so if I hit with that n.I.g.g.a the way Pac said it am I different? am I different? Addicted!Watch a man in the way he uses his language and words because it tells so much about his character that's why I'm studying English.

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