The Masque of Insomnia

August 7, 2013
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I don't want to fall asleep
because I don't know if I could
get up. Swallow me up, spit
me out, laugh. Your torture
spears through my temple giving
my thoughts something to hold
onto. Like Poe has explained
before, pieces of my mind
and matter have been put into
these rooms. Purple, green, blue,
orange, violet, and white.
Would it be the plague? I
don't think I will ever know.
"Infected citizens remain outside
the castle." But I can't just
leave sir, I have one more room
to check. The velvet room
glows with a red mercury, and
suddenly, I don't feel the need
to check anymore. I remain
in there forever, a little
piece of me, not being able
to figure out why, under the
weight of all the small talk
and the people who are better than
me, welded shut with iron
and a kiss for the final touch,
there goes my sanity.

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