He Asked for One Thing

July 30, 2013
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It was never just one thing. Dignity. Respect. Trust. Love. Chastity. Innocence. Self-Worth. You took it all with just that one thing. You ask for it like it's nothing. That "one thing" holds the key to everything. You hold the key and act like you care when you really couldn't be any less concerned. You don't let go and you don't let her let go. She's ready to walk away but you make her hold onto yesterday, you unknowingly hold that one thing against her. For you it was just a way to pass time. For her it was a way to express her love. When she told you her plans for the future she made it clear that you were a part of her dreams. But you had no intention to turn those dreams into reality. Why couldn't you just tell her that? Now you've taken that beautiful vase she used to be and broken it, you left that vase broken in the corner to live a black and white life all alone. You don't even deserve those two basic shades. It's unfortunate to see you don't realize that one day you're going to come back looking for that vase. You won't even be able to recognize her. You're going to expect yourself to put together all the broken pieces and mend them to your heart's desire. You'll be surprised to see that she fixed herself. She never needed you. She thought she did and that's where she was wrong. It was you who needed her to fulfill your darkest desires. She merely wanted appreciation, but she's found other means of satisfaction. Now you're stuck holding onto those broken pieces of the vase she used to be, while she's a beautiful flower blooming and dancing in the breeze. You're standing. Bleeding. Exhausting yourself. For what? Oh yeah. For just one thing.

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