Walk in my Shoes!

July 28, 2013
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While you were worried about monsters coming out from your bed,
I was more worried about daddy coming in through the front door drunk and with a bottle in his hand.
While you were having your sleep overs at age six and seven...
I was trying to take care of myself plus my two younger siblings!
When you had mommy and daddy by your side when your feelings got hurt...
I cried alone at night hoping that tomorrow the miserable life, that i live today would be over.
When you had all the "hot guys" in high school...
I had bruises up my arms and back from a man that beat me, that I call my FATHER!
While you were getting ready for prom, I was trying to put my younger siblings in bed and listening to my parents argue over how much they drank!
An while you're sitting here running your mouth about my life, and thinking that you know everything about me...
I'm standing here telling you what life has really handed me and i'd love to see you walk in my shoes and still be as strong as I am!!!
Don't judge me because, i'm different, I see those tears rolling down your face just from me telling you the story, hun try living it, and tell me how you feel!
Walk in my shoes please, if you must, but I know they won't fit , they are to big,you'd trip!

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