July 25, 2013
If you had the choice to look how you wish, what would you chose?

I know what I would.

It’s simple.

I’d look the way I look today.

But there is one thing that many teenagers worry about the most.

Especially girls.

Their weight.

Am I fat; am I skinny; oh, I just gained a pound; got to exercise more

Do you know what I think?

You don’t need it.

People like you who are saying such things

don’t need to focus on it.

It’s the ones who are really fat who do.

And you overweight and dreadfully obese

focus on it

don’t drown your body in food;

that’s what caused it!

Do you even know the effects of this?

I do.

Broken bones, pulled muscles, injured joints

they are just a few you can see.

Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure

this is what you don’t see

So lets take a minute to consider the pros and cons

(if there are any)

Cons: debt, embarrassment, injuries, health problems

these are a few

And the Pros?

I don’t see any of value.

So do something about your problems
don’t turn to food.

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