The Twitcher

July 25, 2013
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The Twitcher is a girl who is
infamous for her loose strands of ratty hair and rotting yellow teeth. She has a crazed, nervous look in her eyes. Wherever she goes, the smell of rotting fish follows. But worst of all, she would twitch and shiver whenever she saw someone.

People would jeer and point to her, and the low hum of insults seemed to accompany her no matter where she went. One girl in particular could not stand the mere sight of The Twitcher, constantly tormenting and embarrassing her.

Every bone in this girl’s body swelled with hatred whenever she so much as glanced at
The Twitcher.

The strangest thing was that
this girl is the one who ran
into The Twitcher the most.

She saw The Twitcher looking
at store windows. She hated the way The Twitcher’s eyes seemed to peer into the deepest depths
of her soul.

She would humiliate her until
The Twitcher would retreat back
into the shadows of an
adjacent alleyway.
She saw The Twitcher at the
park, standing alone by the lake, twitching like a madman whenever someone walked by.

The girl would again throw a fit, until The Twitcher
would disappear behind a
patch of cattails.

She saw The Twitcher standing over a hallway of freshly mopped tiles, shuffling in and out of the corridor.

Wherever she went, The Twitcher
would follow. The girl would spit
at her, screaming at her to leave.

One day, when she saw
The Twitcher staring at her
through the window of a
restaurant, she was so
disturbed that she asked the waiter to tell The Twitcher to leave.

The waiter gave her a
confused smile, then
said: “Miss, there is no
girl. What you’re looking
at is a mirror.”

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