on the spot

July 21, 2013
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have you ever taken time?
just to see the sun in rise?

tell me truly, if you can, who made the sea?
the sky the land?

if i died today in bed, before i even raised my head
would the sun be on my face, or turn away its mighty rays?

what have i done to be remembered? I've stolen, cursed, broke and slandered.
even in my greatest works, I cant count the ones I've hurt.

but even in this darkest pit, i see there is a way.
His name is Jesus Christ, my God who gives my breath each day.

who are you, lost broken and alone?
giving the impression that your happy, but sorrow is your home.

there is a way, you can be saved, don't do this by yourself.

this here is my story, please read with open ears,
and i hope that this helps you, i took me many years.

I have a pretty good life, from the outside so it seams.
but inside my home when I'm alone my heart begins to scream.

why God? why don't you give me more hope?
I have a great burden, and i am certain i cannot do this alone!

no lightning, no fire no wind storm or rain
but in the next few days i did notice a change.

i wanted to be happy, wanted that a lot
so i went to my grandmother, she knows what many do not.

she said " son life is a battle, fight with every breath
and soon you will see your not so alone, because in our weakness he rests.

i did not understand this, it made me almost mad!
this women whom i looked up to, seemingly lost her head.

but then as i thought why do i fight in life for not
i realized i should not be distraught.

God is the one who is fighting, we get in the way of his sword.
we try to do this all by ourselves, and forget that He keeps his word

He says that He will defend us, sometimes it seams He switched sides.
but when we are week, He gets on His feat, and asks us just step aside.

but sometimes we don't let Him, we tell Him Hes in our way.
He says oh child, with a beautiful smile, if you want help get out of the way.

we are not that strong and not all that great, and many times a day we fall.
but as we let Him work, and open our gates He promisses we wont miss His call.

please if your going through hard times, and your strength is all but gone.
let Him into your life and your heart and your mind, and He will answer your calls.
I promise He wont let you fall.

that's all.

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Enderman said...
Nov. 7, 2013 at 1:53 pm
I am so proud that you are willing to talk about God outright.  Most people aren't willing to do this, and even I haven't posted my Christian poems.  And this is a good poem, too.  There are a few grammatical errors, but I LOVE the story and the meaning behind it!!!!  Thanks for inspiring me.
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