Our Rhyme

July 21, 2013
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Our rhyme, we’ve all got one in our head
But only some get to be spread and read
It’s not following the rhythm or the beat
It’s not just putting together words that sound the same
And it’s not lame!
For the writer it’s a sweet treat
It’s so not lame
Cause if it means something
Then it’s not just anything
The way that Eminem tells us he’s “Almost Famous”
Or how Kanye tells us about the ones that are “Heartless”
It’s the way that singers and rappers explain their story
It’s not following the rhythm
It’s about putting together your story, your tears
Your smiles and your fears
In a three minute song
It ain’t that long
And that’s where I’m wrong
Its not the work of rappers and singers
Or the work of a pen between your fingers
Its about putting together something
With lots of thinking
Something the world will listen to and cry for
Something that’ll make them forget about their own wars
And listen to your heart
Looking at your bruises and Scars
You, me and everyone’s got a rhyme, a story
Waiting to be heard
And this is my rhyme, waiting to be read
And by any source spread

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