Diary of a survivor

July 24, 2013
As I lay here all alone
I feel the darkness closing in
the tears swelling up from within
little wet splatters on my pillow
tonight, I cry myself to sleep

I guess what they say is true
the ones who appear the strongest are the most torn up inside
I am truly exhausted
the pain, the guilt, the emptiness that lies
again, I cry myself to sleep

I have no one to turn to
because none of them understand the feelings I hide
the horrors I have seen, they often haunt my dreams
each and every night, I relive the bloody sights
often, I cry myself to sleep

faces from the past and shards of broken glass
the burns from the blast
they don't always last
but some don't go away and they drag You down each day
as usual, I cry myself to sleep

once in a while, I get to really smile
simply knowing that I'm doing something I should
sure, mistakes were made and some bad cards were played
but without some bad, there would be no good
with happy tears, I cry myself to sleep

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