Not So Dark Side

July 19, 2013
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Sweaty bodies, trembling floor.
Red cups filled to the brim.
Laughter, screams, smiles, tears.
I’m surrounded.
Where am I?
Why is it so loud?
It’s hot.
Too hot.
I’m lost, helpless, stuck.
But you’re here,
And I’ve been spotted.
Eyes follow when you saunter towards me.
Expecting the worst.
They know what you’re capable of.
So do I.
Your smile aims, and I swallow.
Should I be afraid?
You’re getting closer.
Everyone knows what will happen when you reach me.
So do I.
I have to go.
I have to escape.
Closer, closer.
Every step my heart jumps.
I’ve heard all the stories.
Will I end up like all the other girls?
Oblivious to your dark side.
You grasp my hand, and lead me away.
People gasp.
They all know what he’s going to do to me.
So do I.
My fear lives as you guide us towards an open bedroom.
No. I won’t do this.
You lock the door and amble towards me.
Your eyes filled with hunger.
Closer and closer.
Your hands grab my waist.
No. Stop. Please.
But then you do the unexpected.
You pull me into your arms
You hold me tight and whisper words.
You kiss my hair and cling to me.
And in that moment you’re changed
By love

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