This Joke of a Chapter

July 19, 2013
The wet muscular organ brushes up against the back of my teeth,
As I try to determine the taste on the tip of my tongue.
A lump in the back of my throat,
I can’t seem to swallow all the bulls---,
So I’ll vomit these words on paper.
It looks sickening and unappealing,
The perfect representation of how I’m becoming to see you.
You were the rose that reeled me in,
Showered with beauty and promise.
But a thorn caught me by surprise,
Pricking me even as I handled with care and trust.
Who knew such a small puncture could cause so much damage,
As the wound spread through my body and making its home inside my beating heart.
The pain tried to settle there,
But like an annoying fly,
I batted it away.
How dare you tower over me?
I will be the one to rise up.
Do you see this dirty floor?
Fall from your white horse and get on your knees,
So you’re exactly how you should be.
Stay there,
Off with your heads!
As I bring the axe the down,
I’ll stop and laugh.
How could I go so easy on you?
Suffering awaits you,
Karma’s a b**** that you can’t f***.
I broke through the surface,
And was left dismayed.
Come on little boys,
Is being a man not what you’re cut out for?
I hope maturity is in the stars,
Or you’ll be stuck.
The curtains have fallen down,
Our story is over.
But mine will continue as I close this joke of a chapter.

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