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July 15, 2013
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maybe I thought that it was simple.
that love was just the
of present state of heart versus current state of mind.
but I forgot to consider the possibility that
maybe our molecular jewelry was designed for one another.
maybe the ground that we
stacked our
fortress around is more of a

question as to
whether or not I was
truly alive
before I met you, or if I was
just a ghost with a question mark for a heart and an explanation point for a mouth.

maybe I thought that it was simple.
that love was just a strong feeling of
covered In lingerie and nail polish to
make it look desirable
but now the
sticky truth of the matter is that
I think the
freckle on your left
is actually a scar from where you were
struck by Cupid's arrow, and the

smile that paints your face
splattered my blank canvas and

got onto my new shoes
and I
guess that's why I leave a trail of primary colors on all of the white pages that I walk across.

maybe I thought that it was simple.
that love was just overcompensation for bloody prom queens that were afraid to tuck themselves into bed at night and
maybe I was following too many parallel lines when
all I needed to do was draw some lines of my own that
intersect and i
think that the indents of your spine are nothing more than
Braille that wants to be read by a girl that likes to let what she feels guide her more than what she sees and
though the element of you and me is too complex to ever be fully
understood by scientists, and the question of us is
clearly not multiple choice
I guess that
maybe I thought that it was simple
and maybe that's all that it was at the time and
maybe that's all it will ever be,
the simple solution of you and of me.

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ramfthomas4 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 25, 2013 at 7:23 pm
oh, good job! this is a lovely piece of poetry, and all i can say is, you captured it!
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