It Rained and I Grew

July 16, 2013
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It took me awhile to grow up.
And I know I still have a way to go.
It was the beginning of this summer.
When it really started to hit home.

I realized not everyone likes me.
That made me want to be nice.
To not gossip about others,
To help even if it means sacrifice.

I learned some days are tough.
But I have to smile anyway.
Because my life isn't rough.
I am blessed to have another day.

I discovered I like to learn and grow.
But on my own terms, my own style.
To read the books I want to read
To treat new information like a new file.

And that natural is better.
Whether it's food or makeup.
But some days you need fries.
And some zits simply need cover-up.

You need time for yourself.
But that doesn't mean put yourself first.
There is nothing gained with being selfish.
But everything when you better the worst.

Family is always there for you.
At least mine loves me no matter what.
They don't care how I look or act
They have a bandage when I have a cut.

And you have to let go, of worry and doubt.
Because stress is something that never ends.
Unless you release it and relax
And focus on life and family and friends.

This has been a summer of rain.
One of laughs and one of tears.
Busy and hot, I've dreamed a lot.
I know to breathe and forget my fears.

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