July 13, 2013
By AditiPandey BRONZE, Bhopal, Other
AditiPandey BRONZE, Bhopal, Other
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One day across the bay
I will be special in every single way
I will be succesful and strong
People who laugh will be proved wrong
I will have my own hub
Those who are grubby will get nothing more than a snub
The place where I'll be will be more than a paradise
So good that others will try to jeopardise
I will forget the times of jade
And hunt the world and simply navigate
I will be free and will have nothing to fear
No people to simply come and jeer
I wish to become just impregnable
Not the usual so assailable
People should not say that am unstable
But should praise me to be so palpable
I dont long to be so obnoxious
Nor the one who is too astrocious
I wish to be the star ;the one who is ineffable
And not so easily understandable
And not to forget my highest wish is to be as i am or to say immutable
And not be called incommensurable
But the opportunities given to everyone are not equal
And everyone does not get to follow the sequel
Some people have to concede, conciliate and compromise
While others simply grab the prize
In this rush some dont get to see the twilight
While others are the centre of spotlight
I wish that i shall incarnate
The feelings of love;peace and not hate
Well to my wishes there is no end
But I still wish to break a trend
Beacause afterall my friend
Life is not served to you hot and marinated
You have to carve it out of pieces of love and hatred!!!!!!!

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