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July 7, 2013
By , Norwich, NY
Here, could you hold this string?
Little A.N.A
So I can run around the world with you
fly you as a kite
So light, so, so light
Hold tight
While you watch from above
Where did you go?
You’re so translucent; you’ve faded away with the clouds
I can’t tell
Are you still holding on?
What happens if I tie a rock to my end and send you to drown?
I bet you’d float
You’re too light to sink
Too hollow
Just skin, but mostly bones
It’s all that you’re composed of
So I will tie a bow around your throat and let you die fancy
Let you feel important
Look she took a moment
To make you look pretty
To make you look decent
To make you look human
You lost your humanity in all the pounds of fat you shed
You took to being a skeleton
Took the phrase skeleton key to literally
Skeleton is key skeleton is key
Key to being happy just look at me
Look at me being pulled around through someone else’s life
Look at me being flown up high with the clouds
Look at me someone cares enough
To put a bow in my hair while I float among
This sea of confusion
One that would have drown me had I not found
The joys of being empty
Skeleton is key.
And with keys comes control,
Keys bring safety
Don’t want a burglar to come in to the home
Buy a lock, and feel safe
Your bones are your home
And you think you’ve found a key
But what is it you are trying to keep so safely?
There’s nothing to hide
Just a corpse to die
Are you trying to protect the depths of your mind?
The mind that is deteriorating
Because you’re not eating
Tell me how safe are you now?
Tearing apart from the inside out
You’ve lost so much stuffing that your seams aren’t bursting
They are retracting
You are falling in on yourself, and you know
But you just keep looking down with the hope
That skeleton is key skeleton is key,
Yet the skeleton is in need
Of some reason to live again
Some reason to be reborn in to the lands
Of a home they call their own
You need safety again
But you are putting yourself in danger
You want someone to love you
But cant find any part of you in a stranger
You’ve lost so much of yourself
That you can’t expect to find yourself in someone else
You have nothing left to give
Because you are afraid of getting to big
You will never find the real key to being happy
If you don’t learn to love yourself
Break down and hug yourself
Tell yourself that you don’t need to shadow someone else’s life
You don’t need to be anyone else’s damn kite
You can get along just fine on your own
But first you have to stop aiming to just be bones
Open your mind to a better life
And do it before you’ve lost every part of living
Do it quickly, or you’ll never stop wasting away.
Lose the Skeleton Key today.

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