Jigsaw Puzzle

July 7, 2013
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There exists a magic jigsaw puzzle
that's far more challenging than Candy Crush,
and even more difficult than Ruzzle.
For the longest time the puzzle went unsolved,
as many hopefuls came and went
the door continuously revolved.
Try as the people might
to fit the pieces into their rows,
they always ended up looking like little kids dressing up in their parents' clothes.
One day there came an unlikely sight: after the puzzle had finally been solved, the solver insisted upon spending the night.
Years full of nights passed; the solver endured them all,
because he knew that he alone
could reassemble the pieces should they fall.
The pieces fell one by one and all together,
but there the solver stayed
with his gentle heart light as a feather.

Although the outside world continues to evolve,
the solver knows that his puzzle
is one thing he'll always be able to solve.

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