July 4, 2013
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Carianne's a wistful word,
So full of hope and futures deep
In a mind that stirs in sleep
And shuts as skies are waking;

Carianne's a whispered word,
A blip of joyous memory
Words twine in dark corners, see
The world's ours for the taking

Carianne's a wanted word,
Her eyes as green as greenery
She needs no hyperbole
She's perfect as mistaking

Carianne's a needed word,
Young and hungry need no sleep
Deliria's a prize too cheap
To think of love forsaking.

Carianne, beguiling word,
Spinning too fast to change her mind
I liked it back when I was blind
And nothing else was breaking

Carianne, a smiling word,
Streaks of right shoot through the wrong
Whiteheat and bloodshed, move along
Through this collage I'm making

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