Ignorance is Bliss

July 4, 2013
As a child I was naive, but as time passes I've become cynical
Through my view, mankind is nearing the pinnacle
Of deceit, life's not what you bargain for, so save your receipt
Or take a seat, living can siphon the life out of you.
Just make sure your descendants are proud of you
In a world of uncertainty, isn't that all that really matters?
One second you're living lavish, and then wake up in tatters?
sky high on a ladder, and then everything splatters
Life served on a platter, but no seconds to be served
Before I perish, I just hope my memory's cherished and my rest in peace is deserved.
Don't misinterpret my message; there are plenty of good people out in the world
Yet equally as many who deceive us as their true colors unfurl.
the liars, the cheaters,
The scoundrels, our leaders,
There will always be people willing to do anything to get ahead.
Ambition is healthy, but never should anyone tread
On others rights to try to succeed.
that is a cause for which I would bleed.
Early on I was oblivious to all of this.
Now, as I see the vices,
The pain and the sacrifices,
ignorance is bliss.

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