Savages and Evil

June 27, 2013
Hello Simon, mocks the evil.
What was that who's there?
Are you scared of me? Why?
He shudders, alone, he begins to cry.
There it was...the head.
That menacing, bloody, buzzing head,
mouth agape eyes a gaze.
Silence, shh, it speaks of something horrid.
It speaks of death upon Simon's soul.
What to do, his mind a haze.
What to do, what to do?
It speaks the truth, he must tell the others.
Further, and further it grows dark...which way to go?
The feast is going on with Jack and his "brothers."
A flame burns while chants are yelled.
Out of control, the drum roll beats,
louder, faster, their hearts are racing.
Run Simon, run, out of the forest!
Can't see, here he comes...there's the beast!
No! it? It's me, Simon.
Kill the beast is all they can think.
Blood pours as Simon cries.
A cry of victory, then they blink.
Simply still as Simon dies.
Away in the water his limp body floats.
Savages, savages they've become.
Stab, kill, death, who's the next one...

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