Seed of Love

July 3, 2013
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Upon meeting that special someone,
he implants deep within our heart,
a seed of love.
With each little kiss and moment of bliss,
hug, and compliment,
the seed grows.
It becomes a seedling,
planted firmly in our heart.

It dances along
to the beat
of our special one's heart,
whose love shines upon it like rays of the sun.
Though, as the seed fully blooms into a vivacious flower,
evil comes along to kill it.

It soon becomes drowned
in lies and hate.
Arguments arise as weeds do,
ready to devour the flower.
Deprived the water of truth,
wilting becomes the flower's fate.
Tears of regret
water it with apology
in an attempt to bring it back to life.
Having wilted only once, it stays strong.

Suddenly our special someone
gives a seed of love to another,
removing our title as "one and only."
One by one,
petals begin to fall,
like leaves in the autumn,
leaving it meek and weak.
Thorns of envy
penetrate the stem,
attempting to convert to a malicious flower.
Through this continuous cycle,
the flower's will to grow diminishes.

And one day we will find someone
willing to water the flower each day
with loyalty, trust, and compassion,
shining upon the flower
with rays of undying love--
our stems free of thorns
and our hearts free of worries.

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