If You Only Knew

July 3, 2013
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If you only knew
of my inner most feelings,
works of art
created simply for you.

If you only knew
of my dreams where you are the prince
and I the princess
dancing the night away
in the pale moonlight
under twinkling, bright stars.

If you only knew
my first glance of you
made my heart stop and sing,
mesmerized by those big, brown eyes
we're so close yet so far

If you only knew
every penny thrown in a fountain
every dandelion wish
every dream on a shooting star
I've used for us to be together.

If you only knew
the mere mention of your name
brings a smile to my face
and a song to my heart

If you only knew
these butterflies just don't go away
the longer i hold in my feelings
the deeper i fall in love

Our hearts would join as one, we'd be true to each other
as we stand side by side, live happily ever after
Yes, if you only knew,
it would be a dream come true

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