The Truth About Turtles

July 3, 2013
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In a world of turtles,
the smallest ones
are often overlooked,
like tiny flowers
in a field of tall roses.
They're always lost in the big world,
always afraid of being stepped on
by bigger things,
constantly hiding from the world
in their shells.
They don't make much noise,
you never hear them coming.
Rainy days may slow them down,
but they can never be stopped.
They may fall,
but they get right back up.
Bigger creatures come to hurt them.
Eventually they heal,
but the scars will always remain.
Fellow turtles never fail
to get each other back on their feet
and help each other find their way around.
A little turtle will soon realize
one day he'll be living in a bigger shell,
have all the food he can eat,
be able to climb the highest trees,
and cross the most dangerous rivers.
He will look down on his tiny self
and pass on his message of life...
"Don't let life pass you by
while you're stuck in a shell."

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