My Best Friend

July 2, 2013
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My best friend has been with me for almost everything.
Her nick name for me is duckie.
My nick name for her is Bunnie.
We love each other very much.
We have a song.
We are each others "wife".
She will always protect me and be my best friend.
And i will never leave her side now matter how far she is.
I miss her like crazy and it has only been a few days.
She's the only person that knows basically everything about me.
I love her death.!
We are both the same.
I Love Her To Death.
I Miss Her Like Crazy.
I want her to come back.
Come back here and stay with me just til they find a place to live then she can live with her problem and i can be there with her everyday.
I Love her like crazy.
Please come back soon Duckie!

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