Symptom of Your First Time

July 2, 2013
Look at you
So pure
Look at we
For sure
Venerable thoughts
Happy days
Tender love
Come my way
Touched my desires
Kissed my soul
Your smile of wisdom
Makes my feelings grow
Those eyes send pleasure
Up and down my spine
I feel just fine
With you next to mine
Vision of you
Fill my head
Vision of us
Makes me dread
That we’re apart
You’re in my heart
This isn’t lust
My world is just
The sight of you
Without clue
Is a drug
Deeoper than hugs
So I need a prescription
For my addiction
When I’m fixing
For your touch
How you make my chest swell?
I’ll never know
But these feelings I have for you
Will never go
Can this be explained?
This wonderful pain
Who cares?
Just you and my name
Just look at you
So pure
Look at you

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